Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Don't Call me a Mercenary!

'How's your big centre forward doing?' 'Oh he left for an extra £30 the greedy bugger.' This kind of conversation is beginning to become more common.

Are non league players becoming mercenaries? Or are they looking after themselves in times of a recession? A player leaving a club to pick up some extra money may look like greed, like he has no loyalty to the club but that extra money could be the difference between the weeks rent being paid or his transport to work.

I'll be the first to admit that I have done the non league rounds. I have been referred to as a 'wandering nomad' in my own clubs programme as I started my 3rd stint at Cockfosters FC.

I personally want to play at the highest standard that I possibly can. Money is a bonus. Everybody has their own reasons for leaving and joining new clubs. My reason is simply to play with and against the best players that I can.

Another thing I get is 'Why don't you come and play with your mates?' This is made on the presumption that I will enjoy it more. Fair point? I've started to play with my mates and a couple of weeks ago a silly booking and the customary £7 a week subs left me with no change out of £20 to even buy an after match Lucozade. I'd enjoy myself much more if I wasn't paying over £50 a month to play football. I would still join my mates after the game for beers and a night out but believe me, spending 12 hours in the company of some team mates, even without copious amounts of alcohol in them can be a nightmare!

I think players are getting too much stick for club hopping. Don't get me wrong you do get some players chasing money but people have to take in to account players wanting to play at the highest possible standard that they can, not wanting to fork out money to play football and even the fact that players and managers fall out- I once had a football kicked in my face at half time by a manager all because I was getting treatment while we were 3-0 down. Call me a mercenary but I promptly left.

Liam Kenna

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